As a mom of three boys and an “aiming challange” husband, I needed a way to
keep the area clean and make it fun for all my boys


Train your kids and make it fun

Our toilet targets are designed in fun shape to help your toddler to improve his aim. Our products are available in classic shape to fit almost any toilet seat. If you want to keep your bathroom walls and floors pee-free then shop for the aim and shoot toilet target for boys, at dirt cheap price.

Keep your area clean and choose from 5 fresh scents

Does your little hero need some target practice? If so, we sell toilet target that is non-toxic, biodegradable and septic-tank-compatible targets. Our anti-splash targets keep the toilet and the nearby area clean and germs free. You can choose your favorite scent toilet target to leave your bathroom smell fresh and great.

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Our future goal is to exceed expectations and be the best in our niche by maintaining the highest level of
quality in products that match with global standard. We are growing and shall continue to grow by gaining
clients loyalty towards our brand.


Fun Way To learn Toilet Training

Our products are crafted in funny shape to make toilet training easier for the boy. These targets are a fun and easy thing that help moms to engage their boys in potty training. Our products are not only useful for the toddler but also for the grown-ups who are still struggling with their aim.

Spread Awareness

Generally, toilet training for boys and girls are different. Boys who can’t aim in the right direction makes toilet unfit to use. Our toilet target products that are designed in fun shape such as Fish, seashell, diamond, and dolphin that are not only anti-splash but also improve boys aiming abilities. Through our products, we aim to spread the concept of keeping toilet space clean and fresh.

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